During our many years of existence we have implemented many projects, such as rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads, construction of district heating system, execution of works on sewerage networks and water supply systems, landscaping of landslides and other construction works for mutual satisfaction of both inventors and users of constructed facilities.


Integrity and reliability are the basics of our business strategy for customers, suppliers or colleagues. Honesty is not the best option, but THE ONLY option.
Cestotehnik employs over 60 workers and the focus of our business is on the quality, functionality and durability of our works.
The quality of products and the longevity of the product is our best advertisement.
Cestotehnik d.o.o. Tuzla has many years of experience and many references from the previous period. Our experience ensures that projects are completed correctly and with a high level of professionalism.
Cestotehnik is able to provide full service to its customers, from the beginning to the end of the works. There are no hidden costs, and customers know what they are getting for the money invested.
Our staff uses the latest tools, techniques and technology to complete the work within the agreed time.

We invite you to join a wide range of our clients.